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Your guide to eating better and feeling great in 15 days

By Riyana Rupani

  • Commitment High

Who is this course for?

Are you constantly feeling like you’re running on low, or dealing with the dreaded afternoon energy crash?  Do you battle with cravings for sugar, carbs, caffeine, of #allthethings?  Or are you tired of holding on to that extra weight?  Perhaps you have tried it all and want something sensible and sustainable to help you achieve your healthy eating goals but are fazed by all the information out there and want reliable personal advice that will set yo up for success.


The Clean-in-15 is an online program (conducted with extensive materials distributed over email, supplemented with an active chat) designed to teach, guide, and motivate you to make healthier food and lifestyle choices that will help you feel your best.  The program is structured into 3 phases: phase 1/ 3 days of basic prep; phase 2/ 15 days clean eating; phase 3/ 5 days reintroduction.  Over the 23 days you will be educated and inspired to make better decisions in your everyday life.


It is packed with support to help you build new habits and heal your relationship with food.  You can read about the successes of recent participants in the testimonials below!

What you'll get

Exclusive access to an intimate chat community

Where you can interact with Riyana freely but also learn from other like-minded participants in your group

Daily check-ins and group coaching by Riyana

Learn about the 'why?' You will leave the program feeling empowered to make better food decisions and able to navigate your choices in a manner you have never been able to before!

100+ page e-book with a complete rundown of the Clean-in-15 protocol

The 7 guiding principles you learn here are intended to set you up for success post-program completion

Sample meal plans

With over 30 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes for Omnivores & Vegetarians

Eating guides

On everything from food sourcing, reading food labels, guidance on portion sizes, dining out, and more!

Riyana Rupani

Holistic Nutritionist

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (NTP), Certified Whole30 Coach, Mom of 3 boys, recipe developer, and a lover of all things FOOD! Before my career in Nutrition, I spent 15 years working in Corporate America / Asia.  I totally understand the pressure of corporate life as well as the pressure that comes with having a…

More about Riyana

What participants are saying

"Hi Riyana! I am so sad this program is coming to an end. It was absolutely amazing. Your menu plans, your nutrition inputs in the guide, and your recipes - were out of the world. You truly have changed the meaning of eating healthy in my mind!"


"You were amazing! Your motivation to keep us going, your inputs on nutrition, your response time to queries, your recommendations - just BRILLIANT!"


"Riyana, it's been amazing for me. I feel lighter and clean. This whole clean eating is so doable at home. I remember you saying that we won't go back to eating the way we did and you were right!"


"I am feeling fantastic; no cravings, exercising, being healthy, and have lost 2 kgs. Thank you so much!"


"Riyana I finally see a body that reminds me of pre baby thank u so much! :)"


"Never imagined that healthy food could be tasty too! My past attempts - have always made me struggle to keep going - cuz food use to be so bland and lack options."


"The concept of the group is brilliant too. The sharing, the chats, the additional tips, everything just great!! Soooo thankk youu sooo much for introducing me to this new journey of my life. Forever grateful ❤️"


"Thanks for this journey Riyana. It definitely taught me about including all the macros in my meal so I stayed satiated longer and avoided snacking. Loved cooking with your recipes and the Clean in 15 definitely made the circuit breaker more interesting and healthier in our house."


"I learnt to differentiate my cravings from hunger cues, eat a more wholesome and satiating meal, whilst dabbling in delicious new recipes by Riyana. Also, It was so lovely to learn about nutrition with a group of fellow enthusiasts!"


"Thank you Riyana. You have kickstarted a small but meaningful food revolution in all of us. ♥️"


"One of the best online and personalised nutrition course I have taken. Lots of feedback and ideas. Loved the group spirit and Riyana’s interest in the topic."


"Riyana has re-framed the meaning of healthy eating in my mind forever. Grateful!"


"Thank you so much Riyana for your immense support, expertise and positive vibes all day every day of the week. Having our backs at all times together with this group of extraordinary women is what makes this program work. At least it did for me."