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8 tried-and-tested techniques for busy parents to remain calm + present

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Your guide to eating better and feeling great in 15 days

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A beginner’s guide to fermented foods for better mood, immunity, and digestion



"Hi Riyana! I am so sad this program is coming to an end. It was absolutely amazing. Your menu plans, your nutrition inputs in the guide, and your recipes - were out of the world. You truly have changed the meaning of eating healthy in my mind!”


Never lose your mind(fulness)

“Thank you for offering purposeful reminders and useful tips on how to deal with the many different emotions we’re experiencing.”


No guts, no glory!

"Karin explains in a very simple and understandable manner how to create these incredibly healing foods. So much easier to learn in a concentrated format with Karin directly.”



"The concept of the group is brilliant too. The sharing, the chats, the additional tips, everything just great!! Soooo thankk youu sooo much for introducing me to this new journey of my life. Forever grateful ❤️”


Never lose your mind(fulness)

“You have such a calm & soothing voice, and I was reminded that I could choose my response.”


No guts, no glory!

"For years I had IBS and simply introducing fermented foods has solved my issues. Incredible. Thank you, Karin.”



"Riyana, it's been amazing for me. I feel lighter and clean. This whole clean eating is so doable at home. I remember you saying that we won't go back to eating the way we did and you were right!”


Never lose your mind(fulness)

“You equipped me with the necessary tools to enhance my mental wellbeing & resilience. I particularly liked the exercise where you got me to pause & breathe. I didn’t realise how tense my shoulders were!”


No guts, no glory!

"Finally I can make my own kefir and kombucha which tastes so much better than the store-bought version and is also much cheaper."



"You were amazing! Your motivation to keep us going, your inputs on nutrition, your response time to queries, your recommendations - just BRILLIANT!”


Never lose your mind(fulness)

“Doing the mindfulness exercises immediately brought on a sense of calm for me 😊”