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Frequently asked questions


Is this program for women only?

Yes. Although the underlying principles of the Clean-in-15 are universally applicable to anyone looking to make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes, we have found that a ladies-only program provides a more conducive environment for participants to engage in relevant discussions within a closed group chat setting. Men and couples interested in the program can write to us at

Is the program live or can I participate on my own time?

You will be provided with some reading materials in advance. You will also be sent daily emails and there will be two group zoom check-ins (which are optional). But mostly all of the engagement happens through an ongoing WhatsApp group that you will be added to with fellow participants, where I (Riyana) will elaborate on the learnings, share tips, answer questions, and help you along the journey. You are free to participate in this chat as much as you like, and on your own time. Past participants have found this engagement tremendously beneficial to stay motivated, and also learn from the questions and experiences of others. I also ask everyone to keep a journal to answer some simple questions about themselves and how they are feeling. This should take no more than 5-10 minutes every morning and evening.

Does the program help with weight loss?

While participants have experienced some weight loss, the program is NOT for anyone looking for rapid, unsustainable weight loss. The purpose is to jump start the process along with giving you the knowledge to make better food decisions based on your needs. I will be available throughout the course of the program on WhatsApp and anyone can ask me questions about their current diet, reasons for my recommendations etc. This will definitely help you understand your body better and the changes you might need to make to start seeing results. I am all about sustainable lasting changes. No quick fix is sustainable from my experience. You want to make changes you can sustainably incorporate into your life.

Are the recipes suitable for vegetarians? Are legumes and lentils allowed?

I have included a whole lot of recipes and a meal plan just for vegetarians. Certain lentils and legumes are allowed, as well as organic non-GMO tempeh for vegetarians. The first 3 days of the plan is actually plant based for everyone!

Is the program suitable for vegans?

The principles behind the Clean-in-15 protocol are universal regardless of dietary preferences and restrictions, and the recipes provided in the guide for vegetarians can be modified to support vegans if needed.

Do you provide specific portion sizes or simply guidance on what and what not to eat?

I do give portion recommendations but I want participants to also listen to their bodies and start to understand their hunger and fullness cues. Everyone's size, shape, and activity levels are different and they may need to eat differently based on this. We will also go into understanding macronutrients and creating balanced meals that will leave you satisfied.

Is alcohol off-limits?

For 15 days, YES, I am requesting to avoid alcohol. In reality, I am not opposed to a drink or two on the weekends, but this plan is also meant as a detox. Also, alcohol usually leads to a loss of control where food is concerned! 15 days is a blip, and for the benefits you will experience, I am sure you will find the restraint well worth it!

I can’t make the upcoming program, are other dates going to be available?

Please drop us a note at sharing your interest to be kept posted on future launch dates.