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Toby Ouvry

Mindfulness Teacher & Trainer

About Toby

Toby Ouvry has been teaching and practising meditation and mindfulness for over 20 years. His journey began after university, where he spent a decade immersed in his basic training. During this time, he specialized in the Tibetan tradition and spent five years as an ordained Buddhist monk.

Passionate about empowering people and organizations to be more capable, effective, and creative through mindfulness and meditation, Toby founded Integral Meditation Asia, where he has developed and facilitated  over twenty practical workshops and courses on the subject. His approach combines global wisdom traditions, emerging findings from contemporary psychology and neuropsychology, and his ongoing practical insight as an entrepreneur and mindfulness practitioner.

Toby currently runs the mindfulness program for the MBA, staff, and faculty at the INSEAD School of Business, Singapore. In addition to his coaching, Toby is the author of the book,  Engaged Mindfulness — What mindfulness is and how we can apply it to our daily lives. He also blogs regularly on the topics of meditation, mindfulness, and integral living.

“We all want a place where we can feel ‘at home’. We can change house, town or country in order to feel more at home, but the one thing we can’t change is our physical body. If we feel at home in our body, then wherever we are in life, we can ‘sit’ in a place where feel comfortable.”

Power peak performance

A mindfulness bootcamp to stay at the top of your game without burning out

by Toby Ouvry