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The power of the reset

Switching from stress to balance through the practice of mindfulness

By Deborah Thurley

  • FORMAT Self-led 
  • DURATION At your own pace

Is this course for me?

Overloading our systems with stress, work, and unwanted frustrations happens to all of us. Although we don’t have the power to avoid these challenges, we do have the power to buffer them and protect ourselves from breaking down. Think of this as a form of recalibration that will not just fortify your system, but optimize it so you can run and function at your best. 


“Before I started this course I read the testimonials and was a bit skeptical. I thought Deborah CAN’T be that good? But now that I’ve done the course, I know that she really IS that good. If you want a happier life, take this course and you’ll be on your way.  Enjoy!” — Fran Boyd



This self-led program will arm you with a toolbox of research-backed mindfulness techniques that will allow you to release everyday stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. You will learn how to achieve greater clarity, resilience, and even relaxation at will by first learning how to identify and map stress in real time. Through harnessing and directing the power of your mind, you will learn to be able to move from instinctive emotional reactivity towards response-ability, tackling tough situations head-on with renewed positivity and resilience. Been thrown a curveball? You’ll also be taught how to actively lower your stress levels and shift your perspective, so even bad days can be transformed into better ones. 


The capacity to a happier, healthier, more recharged self is already within all of us! We only need to learn how to activate it.


“Excellent trainer. Had a paradigm shift from knowing mindfulness as a word to a life-changing technique.”  — Shaleen Porwal



  • Anyone looking to actively lower their stress levels to recharge their wellbeing. 
  • Anyone wanting to curb negative and anxious thoughts through growing positivity and resilience.
  • Anyone who wishes to manage their emotional reactivity to foster better connections with the people around them.                                                              

You will receive:

4 video lessons

Watch and learn from anywhere, anytime. Topics include cultivating moment-to-moment awareness of your emotional states; how the stress response gets activated; how to bring attention and awareness to the present moment, and what it means to shift from reactivity to response-ability.

Audio recordings

Option to plug in to the audio narration of the course on-the-go.

Course workbook

A downloadable guide to support you on your journey towards mindfulness.

Personal log

A logsheet for you to capture any observations or feelings that arise over the course of your practice journey.

Bonus: 2x audio recordings of techniques

Carry key techniques with you and listen to them whenever you like.

Get support from Deborah

Instructions on how to submit questions are included in the welcome note in your Library, which you can access immediately upon successful purchase of the course.


Disclaimer: This course is designed to help participants cope with their everyday stresses, enhance general well-being, and improve overall effectiveness in work and life. This course is not intended as a substitute for consultation and treatment from a qualified and registered heath care provider or health service. If you are currently undergoing treatment or have concerns about your mental or physical health, it recommended that you consult either your physician or doctor to determine whether this course is suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program live?

This program is designed to work for your schedule. All video lessons are pre-recorded so you can watch them anytime at your convenience.

Bonus: enrolling in a course grants you lifetime access to any updated course materials. You will be informed of any updates via email.

I am a beginner to mindfulness. Is this course suitable?

This course is designed to be absolutely compatible for those with no prior experience of mindfulness. Beginners who finish this course will have a clear idea of what mindfulness is, how to practice it, and how to get the results you are looking for.


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Deborah Thurley

Mindfulness & Positive Psychology Facilitator

Deborah Thurley is a mindfulness educator and faculty member of The School of Positive Psychology (Singapore), where she lectures in Applied Mindfulness Psychology. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Positive Organisational Psychology and Leadership with The School of Positive Psychology, and a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology with Anglia Ruskin University in the UK.…

More about Deborah

What participants are saying

"Mindfulness with Deborah is not only relaxing but incredibly empowering. I had heard of mindfulness but never fully understood what it really meant or the benefits it could provide to my everyday life. Deborah is an amazing teacher. Her mindfulness sessions have truly changed my life in the most positive way. Her wealth of knowledge combined with her calm and caring demeanour make for an uplifting, tranquil, experience. I had no idea how simple breathing and other mindfulness techniques could significantly calm my mind and improve my overall well-being. Deborah’s methods are incredibly easy to grasp, allowing for immediate results which are now part of my daily routine. I continue to learn new skills with each session and am grateful to Deborah for sharing them with me."

Brittany Alawa

"Deborah has given me a clear understanding and appreciation of mindfulness in the classes I have attended. She has a very clear way of explaining the science behind mindfulness which was helpful in understanding why the practice is so important to our self-care. The breathing techniques we learned were easy to follow with many options of how one would customise them to suit individuals. I found all of the material directly applied to my daily life experiences or worries, and was extremely helpful in creating more clarity of mind and calmness. Deborah's personality is one of calm empathetic confidence which in itself is so helpful to be around, she is a gifted listener and her ability to validate and address a personal experience with some mindfulness ideas and solutions is extremely valuable. I would highly recommend her classes and expertise."

Amanda Harvey

"What I love about working with Deborah, outside of her finely-honed knowledge and her expert teaching skills, is her ability to make mindfulness real to me. She shares her own practice and models it with humility, all the time staying vulnerable with and available to me during the class. Her clear example is what I keep top of mind as I practice learned strategies and implement new ones, and I feel comforted and encouraged by her every step of the way. I finally have a gratitude practice in my life that works, that shows results, and that enriches every single day for me. I'm beyond grateful for this, and for Deborah!"

Jillian Huang

"AMAZING TEACHER!!! Thank you very much for your energy and all the concepts that I got through over the weekend. Deborah is one of the best teachers I’ve had so far, and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have this mindfulness session even in Circuit Breaker."

Juanita Andrade

"Thank you Deborah! I learned so much. Zoom was not even an issue because of your amazing teaching, presence, and preparation. You are super organized and inspirational."


"I have now attended Deborah’s course twice and the second time was even more inspiring than the first. It refreshed my mind on the simple yet brilliant techniques you can adopt in everyday life to make the most of each day, and to be as happy and positive a person as possible. Deborah also teaches how to respond when life throws the inevitable googly our way. Her calm, happy, and caring demeanour is infectious, and you leave each class feeling more positive and in control. Thank you Deborah — I’ll be back!"

Rosie Thompson