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No guts, no glory!

Make your own fermented foods to nourish your gut naturally

By Karin G. Reiter

  • FORMAT Self-led 
  • DURATION At your own pace
  • RATING 4.5/5

Is this course for me?

Ever wondered where the saying, ‘trust your gut’ comes from? Other than being a barometer of intuition, the gut has been intrinsically linked to overall health. In fact, as Hippocrates, the founding father of modern medicine, says, “All disease begins in the gut.”


If you live with constant bloating or cramps, or suffer from chronic constipation or diarrhea, your gut microbiome is likely to be out of balance. But symptoms of poor gut health aren’t limited to digestive discomforts — they can also manifest as other everyday symptoms: mood swings, brain fog, and constant lethargy. Overwhelming research has also shown that an unhealthy gut is linked to skin inflammation, anxiety, and even depression.



“Taking this course is a great way to bring fermented foods into your home easily and without fuss. I loved the videos and Karin made the lessons fun and easy to follow. Thank you!” — Milly

Open the lid to the probiotic-packed world of fermented foods and learn how to naturally nourish your gut in this interactive course with functional medicine nutritionist and fermentation expert, Karin G. Reiter. From clearer skin to stronger immunity, improving overall health begins with a thriving gut.


This program will equip you not just with a deeper understanding of how and why fermentation works, but also give you access to an archive of Karin’s tried-and-tested family recipes from kombucha and coconut yogurt to sauerkraut and switchel. Practice hands-on at home with follow-along recipe videos and step-by-step guides, and have Karin on hand to dish out tips and tricks as well as answer your burning questions on fermentation to help you feel your competent best in the kitchen.


Forget bottled supplements and store-bought jars of fermented food. The answer to more affordable AND potent probiotics starts here!


“This course was a game changer! It opened my eyes to the world of fermented foods and has changed my diet forever!” — Marissa



  • Anyone looking to improve their gut health naturally.
  • Anyone who suffers from gastrointestinal issues, irritable bowel syndrome, or leaky gut syndrome.
  • Anyone who wishes to explore the world of fermented food.
  • Anyone looking for a cost-effective alternative to probiotic supplements and store-bought options.

You will receive:

One-on-one support and direct access to Karin over 4 weeks*

Supercharge your learning with exclusive access to Karin on WhatsApp over the duration of the course. Get all your questions on gut health answered and allay your fermentation concerns with Karin on hand to troubleshoot any problems you run into while experimenting at home.


*Access to Karin commences weekly on Wednesdays. Sign-ups for each week closes on the preceding Friday. Please email if you would like to request an alternative start date.

6 video lessons

Learn the fundamentals of gut health and the 'why?' behind the art of fermentation over 2 self-paced lecture videos before diving into hands-on practice. Karin will cover 9 fermented food recipes over 4 video lessons.

Detailed e-book with theory and recipes

A complete course book with lecture notes and step-by-step recipes to refer to whenever needed.

Sourcing lists

Essential fermentation tools and ingredients you will need to make the recipes.

A fermentation starter kit

If you’re learning with us from Singapore, you will also receive a free kit of tools and live ingredients like SCOBY and milk kefir grains to kickstart your journey.


Note: this course is not suitable for those on a low-histamine diet

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this course different from other fermentation courses out there?

Great question! The hands-on, flexible application over a realistic timeframe is what sets this program apart. Not only will you receive tried-and-tested recipes, you will also have an expert on hand to troubleshoot any problems you run into while you experiment at home. If you are a first-time fermenter, any doubts or fears can easily be allayed with expert support. If you’ve fermented before, this is a great chance to expand your repertoire and deepen your knowledge of the world of fermented food!

Does this course accommodate a vegan or gluten-free diet?

All our recipes are gluten-free. With the exception of milk kefir, all recipes are also vegan.

Are these foods suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Yes, fermented foods that follow our guidelines are safe to eat while pregnant or breastfeeding in small amounts (1-2 servings a day). Kombucha is the only fermented food that might be controversial, although there are no large-scale studies on the effects of drinking kombucha during pregnancy. It may be best to avoid kombucha during pregnancy and breastfeeding because of its small alcohol content, caffeine content, and lack of pasteurization.


start date

Karin G. Reiter

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

With over 13 years of experience as a functional medicine nutritionist, Karin G. Reiter is a leading wellness expert known for her simple, practical, and ongoing solutions to improve health.  At 18, Karin was diagnosed with her first autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s. After the birth of her second child, she was then diagnosed with another autoimmune…

More about Karin


"A very thorough, clear and aesthetic course. I wanted to bring natural probiotics into my family’s life, to replace probiotic pills. This fermentation course covered a large range of firm favourites such as sauerkraut and kombucha, as well as lesser used ideas such as lip-smacking beet kvass and very decadent goat milk kefir cream cheese spread with garlic and herbs. The kombucha I made from this course is far superior in taste and quality compared to expensive store bought versions. Thank you Karin, looking forward to more education and delicious recipes!"


"The course was really fun & well organised to the finest detail! I am very proud that I can make my own fermented food now & my whole family can benefit from it!"


"Karin is a friendly instructor who is always willing to answer any questions during the workshop. Her workshop is informative for those who would like to heal their gut health or lead a healthier lifestyle."


"Easy to follow course with step by step instructions. Karin is great at inspiring and motivating, and is on hand to answer questions. I also enjoyed the interaction between participants. This is a really good introduction to fermentation."


"In 2016 I had attended a fermentation workshop In Singapore but it was such a waste of time, effort and money. Only notes 📝 were provided and everything else was up to you after the coursework. With Karin’s workshop it was a totally different experience, throughout her workshop she guided all the participants. She was always there for us along our journey she never let us fail. Loved the way she send us the tools we needed, guided us on where to source our products, with a open heart shared the details of ingredients she used on daily basis. I am really happy I made a choice to join her No guts, no glory! Class. Looking forward to keep learning from a great mentor like Karin 😘"


"This was a great course to bring fermented foods into your home easily and without fuss. I loved the videos and Karin made it fun and easy to follow. Thank you!"


"Karin's explaination is very clear. I love her recipe on coconut yoghurt, super delicious! 😋 I used to buy yoghurt & kefir milk from the shop but now I make coconut yoghurt & kefir milk at home. I also love switchel drink & kombucha, very healthy drink for the gut. 💖💖"


"This course was a game changer! It opened my eyes to the world of fermented foods and has changed my diet forever!"


"I've been hearing about Kombucha and Kefir. I even learn how to make coconut kefir before, however, there was no person who teach a course like this. And With reference to the videos and chat support, it helps when we can experience all the mistakes we might face and this actually let us know as a group what can go wrong. From the course, i learn to make Switchel on a weekly basis, coconut kefir biweekly and everyday i have my own milk kefir and do not need to buy yogurt off shelves anymore. it is truly easy to make and it is something quite meditative to feed the grains and especially when it is made by myself. there is a certain kind of achievement as i do not cook. Thank you Karin!!!"


"Karin explains in a very simple and understandable manner how to create these incredibly healing foods. So much easier to learn in a concentrated format with Karin directly."


"This course kick started my journey in making fermented foods. I got interested in nutrition after giving birth to my daughter and am now a firm believer that we are what we eat! Being a born and bred Singaporean, this is a far cry from my previous lifestyle, where we would eat take out from hawker all the time. I'm a newbie to nutrition and felt that karin made the course very easy to understand and implement. The care package was especially useful. All my friends were impressed with how fresh and delicious the foods tasted and all wanted more! Even some friends who had failed multiple times at making kombucha were impressed at how good mine was! Highly recommend this course to anyone (even beginners) who are interested in nutrition."


"Such an innovative way to continue on my fermentation journey but so useful to find out why gut health is so important while creating a community. I'm obsessed with it and my friends are very grateful that I'm experimenting on them."


"It was a pleasure to be taught by someone who has such a passion for what they do and even greater passion to share their knowledge so generously and enthusiastically. Throughout the course Karin was very responsive and supportive through both WhatsApp and email. When I needed to consult with her on a personal issue she immediately contacted me personally."


"For years I had IBS and simply introducing fermented foods has solved my issues. Incredible. Thank you, Karin."


"Loving our fermented drinks; kombucha, shwitzal and milk kefir. We make then religiously and they really help my kids and I have regular bowl movements. For my youngest son who has ADHD this has helped alot with his gut health and improving his behavior."


"Finally I can make my own kefir and kombucha which tastes so much better than the store-bought version and is also much cheaper."


"For years I was bloated and constipated and just by adding in milk kefir and sauerkraut to my daily diet all my bloating and constipation have gone. Karin has been an amazing teacher in that she make it adaptable for my diet and taught me ways to consume the fermented foods and enjoy them. Highly recommend!"


"Karin explains this complex subject simply and gives so many tips on how to integrate fermented foods into the diet, even in a way that kids will enjoy these foods too."


"I never knew that it is so simple to make fermented foods at home with simple ingredients. What an upgrade to our health and out diets, we absolutely love it."


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