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Never lose your mind(fulness) again!

Tested techniques to tackle stress and be more present in whatever you do

By Sha-En Yeo

  • FORMAT Expert-led 
  • DURATION 21 days
  • COHORT SIZE 20 people
  • RATING 4.1/5

Is this course for me?

Take a deep breath. Do you feel tired? Stretched for time? Does it feel like a million and one things need your attention? Life often pulls us in so many directions that it becomes too easy for our energy, patience, and well-being to fray away. 


If you’re a working parent, you’ll understand how the competing demands of your career and caring for the family can quickly wear you down. From being racked with parental guilt to frequently losing your cool only to regret it, these symptoms of everyday strain can easily trap us in a downward spiral of stress, exhaustion, and anxiety.



Want to regain control over the person you want to be in every aspect of your life? Steer yourself back on track with eight tried and tested mindfulness techniques to help anyone, especially full-time working parents, better manage everyday stresses with increased productivity and positivity. Learn to gain a deeper awareness of your stress reactions through bite-sized strategies, while cultivating more emotional resilience and compassion to live more mindfully. By employing these research-backed techniques, you will become calmer, more focused, and present in everything you do, no matter the many different hats you might wear.



  • Parents who wrestle with parental guilt and the fear of not being enough for your kids.
  • Parents who have trouble balancing work and family time.
  • Anyone who wishes to be more present in their day-to-day.
  • Anyone wanting a firmer grasp on balancing different aspects of their life.


“If you have been feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, and need help navigating these feelings, this course is a good start. The bite-sized lessons are easy to follow and the group coaching component via the group chat is a great way to enhance the teachings and address doubts. Worth every cent!” — Jacelyn Tan 

You will receive:

Exclusive access to a private group chat on WhatsApp

Share and interact with Sha-En and others who are on a similar journey as you in a safe and supportive environment.

Spaced-out delivery of 5 video lessons

Includes easy-to-follow exercises and insights on principles of mindfulness that you can easily refer to at your own convenience.

Group coaching by Sha-En

3 live Zoom calls (including a kick-off Zoom call for everyone to get acquainted and settled in) alongside daily discussions and facilitated enquiry led by Sha-En over WhatsApp to encourage and support the integration of mindfulness tools into your everyday life. *Zoom call schedule: 3PM on July 26 (Sun), August 2 (Sun), and August 9 (Sun). Conferencing details will be shared closer to date.

Downloadable notes

Key takeaways neatly summarised for post-program references.

Certificate of completion

Receive a certificate of completion upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this program take?

This program is designed to work with your schedule. Structured as a 21-day journey to help you make mindfulness a habit, the course is built around 5 sequential, spaced-out video lessons delivered over email, which you can listen to or watch at your convenience. Each lesson is no more than 20 minutes.

Although a digital course, what enlivens the program are the interactive components. Get to know Shan-En and your coursemates in a kick-off Zoom call the first Sunday of the 21 days, and clarify questions you may have over subsequent Zoom calls held on the second and third Sunday of the course duration. You can also engage with your coursemates and Sha-En over WhatsApp after each lesson is released. Your degree of participation is determined by what you are comfortable with. The goal is to put into practice the eight strategies so they become habit.

Will this course offer any lessons in child psychology?

This course is designed to help you gain a deeper awareness of your own stress reactions. It does not deal in child psychology, instead focusing on how you can learn to cultivate emotional resilience and compassion to have healthier, stronger relationships with people in your life.

Interested to join?

Sha-En Yeo

Positive Psychology Expert

Sha-En Yeo is Singapore’s first Happiness Scientist. First trained as a teacher, she undertook a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania in 2010 to understand how to create positive environments for communities to flourish. During that time, her life-changing takeaway was the simple revelation that happiness is, in fact, learnable. For…

More about Sha-En


“Sha-En’s strategies are realistic and practical. It is up to us to use them and strengthen the muscles of awareness and self-regulation. She is personable, knowledgeable, and genuine. I enjoy learning with her and from her.”


“Through this course, I learned to embrace myself more through the different strategies and tools. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have shared and learned with other participants, and know and know that I’m not alone in this journey.”


“Sha-En’s ability to listen and understand what we express is amazing. She is definitely a kind soul and a guru in her field!”


“Sha-En equipped me with the necessary tools to enhance my mental wellbeing and resilience. I particularly liked the exercise that required me to pause and breathe. I didn’t realise how tense my shoulders were!”


"If you have been feeling overwhelmed, inadequate and are in need to some help to navigate through these feelings, this course is a good start. The bite-sized learning are easy to follow and the group coaching (group chat) component is great in addressing doubts and enhance the teaching. Worth every cent!"


"Mindfulness course has taught me essential skills to not only surive but thrive and flourish even in times of adversities."


"This program has helped me be more aware of being mindful and some of the strategies were helpful in helping me be more productive."