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Power peak performance

A mindfulness bootcamp to stay at the top of your game without burning out

By Toby Ouvry

  • FORMAT Expert-led 
  • DURATION 7 days
  • COHORT SIZE 15 people

Is this course for me?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You head into work feeling stressed and sleep-deprived before your day has even begun.
  • Your need to make sharp, insightful decisions but you have trouble focusing.
  • You experience low energy and volatile emotions throughout the day.
  • You often sacrifice personal time for more time at work, and yet you never feel like you have enough time to complete your never-ending to-do list.
  • You don’t feel like the way you work is sustainable.


If you’re tired of feeling like you’re constantly forced to choose between work and your well-being, it’s time to restore balance to your life. Learn that the relationship between the two is not a zero-sum game; there exists an alternative that will boost your productivity without you relinquishing peace of mind or personal time. The best part? It only takes three minutes of your day.



In this power-packed course, you’ll come away with working knowledge of how you can apply research-backed, integral mindfulness techniques that will effectively quiet your mind and decrease your stress levels. You will be taught five mindfulness practices to help you feel calmer and happier while boosting your productivity at work. These techniques only require a minimal commitment of three minutes each day, but can help you stay at the top of your game by improving your focus and clarity. When you learn how to use mindfulness to power peak performance at work, you can not only strive towards a more sustainable work-life balance and happier self, but also more consistently productive work days. 



  • Executives who work in high-stress environments that require clarity and focus every day.
  • Executives who are currently stressed out and overworked, or who have symptoms of burnout.
  • Anyone looking to perform at their peak in the long-run.


“Toby taught me meditation techniques that helped me achieve an inner peace and calm I have never felt before. I regularly draw upon his words of counsel and mediation techniques not only during times of stress, but also as part of my daily routine to maintain physical and mental equilibrium.” – J.B

You will receive:

Exclusive access to a private chat group on WhatsApp

Share and interact with Toby and others who are on a similar journey as you in a safe and supportive environment.

5 video lessons

Released daily via email over five days, watch these bite-sized classes at your convenience and practise newly learned techniques anytime you want.

Daily check-ins and group coaching by Toby

To encourage and support the integration of mindfulness tools into your everyday life.

A downloadable handout

Revisit key takeaways for easy post-program reference.


Live post-program Zoom call with Toby to clarify any questions you may have with Toby over this live Zoom session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a three-minute practice really help me be more effective at work without longer hours?

Yes. If done correctly, a consistent, minimum commitment of 3 x 1-minute of mindfulness practice a day will give you noticeable results almost immediately. Of course, you can do more than three minutes, and you will be taught practices that will last longer, but the promise of real results begins with a minimum commitment of three minutes a day.

Is it really possible to increase performance at work and be less stressed?

Yes. One of the premises of integral mindfulness is that it is not what happens to you in your life that determines your experience, but the way in which you pay attention to what is happening. By mindfully changing your focus and attention, you have the capacity to change both your effectiveness and your happiness with no more effort than you were applying before. This course aims to help you to do more, only with greater quality and less effort!

How much time does this course require?

This course is designed to work with your schedule. You can view or listen to the five video lessons anytime that is convenient for you. Each lesson will take no more than 20 minutes. We encourage you to get the most out of this program by engaging with Toby and your coursemates over WhatsApp after each lesson, but your degree of participation is determined by what you are comfortable with.

Interested to join?

Toby Ouvry

Mindfulness Teacher & Trainer

Toby Ouvry has been teaching and practising meditation and mindfulness for over 20 years. His journey began after university, where he spent a decade immersed in his basic training. During this time, he specialized in the Tibetan tradition and spent five years as an ordained Buddhist monk. Passionate about empowering people and organizations to be…

More about Toby

What participants are saying

“Learning to meditate has been one of my most profound and enriching experiences. Toby is a masterful teacher and facilitator. He’s able to bridge his in-depth knowledge and experience as a monk and make it accessible to anyone from stay-at-home parent to busy executive.”


“The sessions were like a sanctuary for me during hectic weeks. It forced me to take time to disconnect from issues at hand without feeling guilt from not working. It was also useful in eliminating, or at least acknowledging and neutralising, thoughts that prevented me from focusing on other tasks. The sessions were complementary to my healthy routine of exercising daily, eating well, and sleeping enough, and helped increase my overall sense of wellbeing”.


“I have undergone several coaching and personal development training sessions and courses, but none were as valuable or tailored as the ones with Toby. If I ever wish to refresh my mind, I can always revisit my notes from his sessions. Many thanks, Toby.”


"I was relatively new to meditation and had only attended some lessons before I first came to see Toby. After one lesson with Toby, I learned more than I did in all my previous lessons and realised the importance of having an experienced teacher. Toby was able to explain basic methods in a way that made sense to me, which quickly resulted in my practices improving. It has been close to a year and I still benefit by learning something new and feeling good after each session. Thanks, Toby."


“Thank you for all the sessions this year. I thoroughly enjoy your classes as well as the discussions before and after each session. I can really see the benefits of mindfulness and have become (potentially) calmer and more productive/effective. It certainly helps put things in perspective for me and has also helped me in my sports.”