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Your guide to eating better and feeling great in 15 days

By Riyana Rupani

  • FORMAT Expert-led 
  • DURATION 23 days
  • COHORT SIZE 30 people
  • RATING 4.5/5

Is this course for me?

Do you constantly feel like you’re running on low, or struggling to get through the dreaded afternoon slump? Do you battle with cravings for sugar, carbs, caffeine, or #allthethings? Or are you tired of holding on to that extra weight? Perhaps you have tried it all and are simply looking for something sensible to help you achieve your healthy eating goals, but are fazed by the conflicting information out there and want reliable personal advice that will set you up for success.


The good news? You are not alone. It is possible to make sustainable, informed, and transformative changes to your diet — and all it takes is 15 days to achieve your breakthrough. 



“We don’t just focus on what you eat, but how you eat, why you eat, and when you eat as well.”  


In this program, you will learn to reset your relationship with food through a three-part protocol: Release, Replenish, Renew. The process involves a holistic approach that considers aspects of your physical and emotional well-being in order to help you feel your best. 


Ditch dieting myths with extensive guides that will teach you the proper ‘hows’, ‘whys’, and ‘whats’ of choosing more nutritious alternatives and cooking ingredients, while helping you build and maintain personalized healthy eating goals. Learn how to mitigate the sluggish effects of a poor diet with over 30 delicious, family-friendly recipes (for both omnivores and vegetarians) that will give you renewed mental and physical vigor. Worried about cheating on the program? Real-time advice from Riyana and support from fellow participants will help keep you accountable so you can beat the cycle of cheat-and-repeat and journey successfully towards better eating habits.  


Read all about the success of recent participants in the testimonials below!



  • Anyone looking for guidance on how to cut through the noise to make better food decisions.
  • Anyone who is struggling with food cravings, be it carbs, sugar, caffeine, or more.
  • Anyone who would like to learn how to choose healthier food alternatives according to their dietary needs.
  • Anyone who would like to cultivate better eating habits for improved well-being.


*Please review the shopping list available in your Library upon enrolment to ensure your pantry (and fridge) is well stocked with Clean-in-15-compliant essentials before we kick off on March 1, 2021. Those living in Singapore who wish to purchase the Clean-in-15 Starter Kit may reserve their kit here.

You will receive:

Exclusive access to a private group chat on WhatsApp

Share and interact with Riyana and others who are on a similar journey as you in a safe and supportive environment.

Daily check-ins and group coaching by Riyana

Stay on track and learn about the 'why?', so you can leave the program feeling empowered to make better food decisions as you navigate your choices like before.

100+ page e-book with a complete rundown of the Clean-in-15 protocol

Learn 7 guiding principles meant to set you up for success post-program completion.

Sample meal plans

Contains over 30 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, with separate guides that cater to omnivores and vegetarians.

Eating guides

Offers comprehensive information on everything from food sourcing to reading food labels, guidance on portion sizes, dining out, and more.

Access to Riyana during the reintroduction phase

Get all your questions answered over a Zoom call and have Riyana available on chat during the start of your reintroduction phase.

And so much more!

Receive shopping lists, journaling templates to help you understand how food can influence your mental state, and a guide to help you maintain long-term health after the program.


Disclaimer: the Clean-in-15 program is not a quick fix diet for anyone looking for rapid, unsustainable weight loss. Content in this program should not be considered a substitute for professional medical expertise. Please seek professional help regarding any health conditions or concerns. The writer(s) and publisher(s) of this program are not responsible for adverse reactions, effects, or consequences resulting from the use of any recipes or suggestions herein, or procedures undertaken thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for the Clean-in-15?

Embarking on the Clean-in-15 is a commitment that requires planning. All the information you need to prepare for the program will be available in your library 3 weeks prior to the official start date; make sure to review the guides at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure your pantry (and fridge) is well-stocked with Clean-in-15-compliant essentials.

Does the program help with weight loss?

Although participants have experienced some weight loss, the program is not for anyone looking for rapid, unsustainable weight loss. Instead, its purpose is to jumpstart the weight loss process by arming you with the knowledge to make better food decisions based on your needs. The chat-to-learn program structure gives you access to Riyana on WhatsApp throughout the course, allowing you to ask honest questions about your current diet, recommendations, or even reasons for those recommendations. By better understanding your body and the changes you need to see results, you will be equipped with the tools to kickstart sustainable, lasting change.

Are the recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans? Are legumes and lentils allowed?

Yes, there are many recipes and a dedicated meal plan for vegetarians. In fact, the first three days of the meal plan for everyone in this course is plant-based! Certain lentils and legumes are allowed, as well as organic non-GMO tempeh for vegetarians.

Riyana Rupani

Holistic Nutritionist

Riyana Rupani is a certified Holistic Nutritionist (NTP), Whole30 Coach, and recipe developer. Her foray into the world of nutrition began after she was diagnosed with fertility, adrenal, digestive, and autoimmune issues while she was working in the corporate world. Frustrated with years of doctor visits and medications, Riyana began researching alternative ways of healing…

More about Riyana

What participants are saying

"Hi Riyana! I am so sad this program is coming to an end. It was absolutely amazing. Your menu plans, your nutrition inputs in the guide, and your recipes - were out of the world. You truly have changed the meaning of eating healthy in my mind!"


"You were amazing! Your motivation to keep us going, your inputs on nutrition, your response time to queries, your recommendations - just BRILLIANT!"


"Riyana, it's been amazing for me. I feel lighter and clean. This whole clean eating is so doable at home. I remember you saying that we won't go back to eating the way we did and you were right!"


"I am feeling fantastic; no cravings, exercising, being healthy, and have lost 2 kgs. Thank you so much!"


"Riyana I finally see a body that reminds me of pre baby thank u so much! :)"


"Never imagined that healthy food could be tasty too! My past attempts - have always made me struggle to keep going - cuz food use to be so bland and lack options."


"The concept of the group is brilliant too. The sharing, the chats, the additional tips, everything just great!! Soooo thankk youu sooo much for introducing me to this new journey of my life. Forever grateful ❤️"


"Thanks for this journey Riyana. It definitely taught me about including all the macros in my meal so I stayed satiated longer and avoided snacking. Loved cooking with your recipes and the Clean in 15 definitely made the circuit breaker more interesting and healthier in our house."


"The programme came at a time when we could really use the distraction in a productive way during the circuit breaker. It Really taught me to take a cue from my body on whether I was really hungry or whether I was eating to kill some time or boredom. Riyana's involvement was great and she kept the chat group motivated and abuzz at all times. Her recipes are beyond fantastic and killed all cravings for restaurant food in these times with all the variety."


"The programme made my two weeks of Circuit breaker so interesting and healthy. I learnt to differentiate my cravings from hunger cues, eat a more wholesome and satiating meal, whilst dabbling in delicious new recipes by Riyana. Each one was a hit in our household. Also, It was so lovely to learn about nutrition with a group of fellow enthusiasts. Thank you Riyana. You have kickstarted a small but meaningful food revolution in all of us. ♥️"


"One of the best online and personalised nutrition course I have taken. Lots of feedback and ideas. Loved the group spirit and Riyana’s interest in the topic."


"Riyana has re-framed the meaning of healthy eating in my mind forever. Grateful!"


"Thank you so much Riyana for your immense support, expertise and positive vibes all day every day of the week. Having our backs at all times together with this group of extraordinary women is what makes this program work. At least it did for me."


"Such a great way to learn sustainable health habits! You will leave the program with so much knowledge about what works for YOU. Life changing for people who are used to yo-yo dieting and have felt like they had to starve themselves to lose weight in the past. I would recommend this program to everyone!"


"This program has opened my eyes in a way that no other “diet” or “detox” has done before. I’ve learnt about the deep rooted connection between food and emotions. Moreover my family has started eating clean as a result and enjoyed each one of the amazing recipes provided by Riyana .."


"I gained so much insight on this program. I challenged myself, changed my eating habits and felt great! I did this for myself and I am proud! Riyana was a very motivating instructor. She is very knowledgeable and passionate in what she does. I enjoyed her delicious recipes and found nice and healthy tips on food and lifestyle. I would love to make this clean way of eating my lifestyle for ever. I am so glad I did this program and have walked away with so much knowledge. Thank you for enriching my life for the better!"


"This program opened my eyes to a whole new world and the importance of having good health. I now know what suits me, what triggers my inflammation in my body and how to control it. I’m well aware of the consequences of having trigger foods and stop to think twice if it’s worth it before going for it. I read food labels completely differently now. Most of all, this program made me feel so great, energetic, active and I had many people commenting on my weight loss, skin change and even got the sparkle back in my eyes, and all in just 15 days! The best part of it all was I didn’t have to calorie count and starve myself and the recipes were amazing!"


"The Clean-in-15 program has helped me immensely by making me more confident about my food choices. I felt the program is not only a nutritional change, but a mental one too; I found the daily journaling and breathing/meditation exercises helped me start each day right, and coupled with the dietary changes, I feel rejuvenated. Riyana’s menus, real-time feedback and overall support was amazing! I will definitely be giving praises and encouraging others to join. Thank you Riyana! I am ever so grateful for this eye-opening experience."


"I’ve learnt so much more about food in just 15 days from Riyana than I would’ve on my own in 15 years. From making the right food choices, reading food labels, expanding my taste palette, and preparing quick & healthy meals - this course is definitely one to take to get you started on building good eating habits!"


"It was quite an eye opening experience about healthy food choices and a great feeling to loose the bloat and discomfort that i have been carrying for years. I feel more energetic and my thought processes are much clearer. Thank you Riyana... Im hoping to keep most changes in my day to day routine, but will, undoubtedly, sneak in my glass of wine."


"My main aim was to get disciplined about midnight snacking and also be able to make better food choices. I can now be in a restaurant and feel more confident about scanning the menu. Riyana has taught me to live life fully while eating healthy at the same time. This truly has been an eye opener."


"Riyana opened up a whole new world of eating well and eating flavourful food! My kids have loved her recipes too and we are transitioned into a mostly clean-in-15 compliant family in our daily eating, with the active participation of my kids - a brilliant and unexpected outcome. Thanks Riyana!"


"Going into this I felt like I had a strong knowledge of 'healthy eating', but I learned so much and have since made permanent changes to our family diet. This program was more than just food, it was a wellness overall. My sleep is better, my skin is better and I have more energy. I have made such positive habits that go beyond my diet such as meditating, digital detox and prioritising sleep. This program is fantastic and I recommend to anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle."


"Riyana’s clean in 15 program was a fantastic experience. She was extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I felt I gained a lot and have already recomended it to friends!"


"I never thought I could manage to eat without grains and dairy, and here I am, 2 weeks and counting. I'm incredibly proud of myself and of all the ladies on this chat, but I am also very keenly aware that this would not have been possible without the unwavering support and patience of Riyana... not to mention her yummy recipes!"


"Amazing. Changed my outlook and relationship with food. I don’t have to starve or deprive myself of food any more. I have learnt to make healthy choices without feeling deprived."


"Thank you so much for all your support, guidance, yummy recipes, sharing knowledge and patience!! This has truly been an eye opening experience and changed the way I perceive food, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle!"


"Riyana's delicious recipes and crystal clear guidance made it so enjoyable to eat clean! What she taught me about food combinations and hidden ingredients will benefit me and my family in the long run."


"Participating in Riyana’s Clean-in-15 programme helped me gain confidence to put in practice some of the things I already knew: healthy substitutions, removing of inflammatory foods. But what was magical was that her recipes (which are to die for) made me realise that I was very disconnected from the foods I was eating, and trying out new recipes and being in the kitchen helped me resolve that. I have learned so much, and am very excited to live a healthier life with all that I have learnt from Riyana. Thank you!"


"An eye opener to better health and lifestyle."


"Riyana is so on the ball and dedicated to the participants. Her response times are amazing! Loved the pragmatic advice that recognized we were all living busy lives."


"This program has completely changed the way I eat and the way I look at food. I now know how to listen to my body and fuel my body well, whist savouring each meal. Riyana has done a phenomenal job in guiding us through the program and I couldn't be more happy with how I feel overall. My skin has improved, my energy levels are up and I feel very much in control of what I eat and how it affects me."


"The cleanin15 program was amazing and helped me re-set a lot of bad eating habits that had crept back in, particularly during lockdown (comfort eating!) I learned a ton, the recipes are delicious and it was very motivating to do the program with a group! Highly recommend!"


"This program provided a great deal of insight into healthy eating. I realised we can be healthy, look great and feel great - all while eating full meals every day! I feel like my body has had a complete reset! The most important thing this program has done for me is to realise and feel confident that I always have a choice in what I put into my body, and should I fall a few times, I can very easily get back on track."


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