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Clean-in-15 add-on recipes for omnivores

10-day meal plan packed with delicious Clean-in-15-approved recipes for omnivores

By Riyana Rupani

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Whether you’re looking for more delicious Clean-in-15 recipes to add to your repertoire or simply in need of some tasty, healthy recipe inspiration, this is the cookbook for you!


The recipes in this book are developed by holistic nutritionist, Riyana Rupani, as a follow-up to her signature Clean-in-15 program, where she guides participants on a journey to reset their relationship with food. If you’ve not done the Clean-in-15 before and simply wish to dip your toes into meal prepping or wholesome eating, this is a great place to start.


This digital download contains a 10-day meal plan for omnivores focused on three square meals a day and an e-book compilation of recipes filed under breakfast; salads; soups; entrées; sides, and sauces. The vegetarian edition follows a similar structure and can be found here. For those considering both the omnivore and vegetarian options, please note that about half the featured recipes in both plans are similar.



Graduates of the Clean-in-15 program and anyone looking to kickstart their healthy eating journey.

You will receive:

10-day meal plan for omnivores

An easy-to-follow meal planning guide to take the guesswork out of grocery shopping and prepping with Clean-in-15-approved breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas.

Downloadable cookbook

Contains over 25 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes for omnivores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Clean-in-15?

Find out more about the Clean-in-15 and upcoming program dates here.

Do I have to do the Clean-in-15 program to use the recipes in this cookbook?

No. The 10-day meal plan comprises satisfying, nourishing, fast, and easy recipes anyone can whip up and enjoy with friends and family. That said, doing the Clean-in-15 is highly encouraged as the program is designed to help you understand the what, why, and how behind eating this way in order to make sustainable, informed, and transformative changes to your diet.

Riyana Rupani

Holistic Nutritionist

Riyana Rupani is a certified Holistic Nutritionist (NTP), Whole30 Coach, and recipe developer. Her foray into the world of nutrition began after she was diagnosed with fertility, adrenal, digestive, and autoimmune issues while she was working in the corporate world. Frustrated with years of doctor visits and medications, Riyana began researching alternative ways of healing…

More about Riyana

What participants are saying

"Hi Riyana! I am so sad this program is coming to an end. It was absolutely amazing. Your menu plans, your nutrition inputs in the guide, and your recipes - were out of the world. You truly have changed the meaning of eating healthy in my mind!"


"Never imagined that healthy food could be tasty too! My past attempts - have always made me struggle to keep going - cuz food use to be so bland and lack options."


"The programme made my two weeks of Circuit breaker so interesting and healthy. I learnt to differentiate my cravings from hunger cues, eat a more wholesome and satiating meal, whilst dabbling in delicious new recipes by Riyana. Each one was a hit in our household. Also, It was so lovely to learn about nutrition with a group of fellow enthusiasts. Thank you Riyana. You have kickstarted a small but meaningful food revolution in all of us. ♥️"


"This program has opened my eyes in a way that no other “diet” or “detox” has done before. I’ve learnt about the deep rooted connection between food and emotions. Moreover my family has started eating clean as a result and enjoyed each one of the amazing recipes provided by Riyana .."


"Riyana opened up a whole new world of eating well and eating flavourful food! My kids have loved her recipes too and we are transitioned into a mostly clean-in-15 compliant family in our daily eating, with the active participation of my kids - a brilliant and unexpected outcome. Thanks Riyana!"


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