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Brain foods for hyperactive and inattentive kids

Boost your child’s cognitive ability and well-being with the right nutrition

By Karin G. Reiter

  • FORMAT Self-led 
  • DURATION At your own pace

Is this course for me?

It’s easy for us adults to forget how much of a sensory overload the world can be for our children — there is always something new to discover, understand, and learn. But without the right nutrients to actively support their brain development, kids can find it much harder to process these experiences. Poor nutrition can also exacerbate behavioral problems such as moodiness, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness, even leading to low quality well-being and learning difficulties. 



We know that food doesn’t just feed the body; it also feeds the brain. But did you know there are foods that can aid vital brain growth by supporting brain function and foods that can cause brain inflammation? By learning how to identify and understand the link between nutrition and cognitive health, you can improve your child’s ability to pay attention, control impulsive behaviour, and even curb hyperactivity. 


This course will not only help you unpack possible root causes of your child’s learning difficulties and behavioral problems, but also equip you with knowledge of how to shop for the right foods and give you easy, practical ideas to create brain-boosting snacks and meals for home and school. You will additionally learn how to identify and address any gaps in your child’s diet with supplements.



  • Parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to improve their child’s cognitive capacity and well-being.
  • Anyone with children displaying symptoms of hyperactivity, inattentiveness, learning difficulties, or mood and behavioral problems.
  • Anyone looking to understand how to maximize their children’s potential through nutrition.


“Karin has equipped me with tools, knowledge, and recipes to really help me understand how I can help improve my child’s health. I am happy to say that since embarking on this new healthy living plan, my child is thriving and has not been sick as often as before.” — Ada

You will receive:

12 video lessons

Bite-sized videos you can view at your own convenience. Topics include unpacking possible root causes behind your child's learning difficulties or behavioral problems; identifying the types of foods that exacerbate symptoms of these problems versus foods that support cognitive development; key considerations and recommendations when it comes to supplementing your child, and more.

Audio recording

Option to plug in to the audio narration of the full course on-the-go.

Downloadable guide

A comprehensive guide packed with useful, actionable information to support your child's healing journey to optimal health.

Easy-to-follow recipes

Learn how to make healthy, brain-boosting meals that are gluten-, dairy-, soy-, and nut-free. Comes with a sample one-day meal plan.

Ask Karin anything

Get your burning questions on kids' nutrition answered by Karin. Instructions on how to submit questions are included in the welcome note in your Library, which you can access immediately upon successful purchase of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program live?

This program is designed to work for your schedule. All video lessons are pre-recorded so you can watch them anytime at your convenience. The downloadable handout can also be used for easy reference anytime you need.

Bonus: enrolling in a course grants you lifetime access to any updated course materials. You will receive any updates via email.

What if my child doesn’t take to the recommended foods?

The food lists provided in this course are meant to support optimal cognitive and behavioral development. However, if you’re worried your child’s selective eating preferences might make it difficult to adopt nutritional changes, consider registering for From fussy to foodie, which offers practical, tried-and-tested strategies on how to help picky eaters grow into healthier, happier, more adventurous ones.


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Karin G. Reiter

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

With over 13 years of experience as a functional medicine nutritionist, Karin G. Reiter is a leading wellness expert known for her simple, practical, and ongoing solutions to improve health.  At 18, Karin was diagnosed with her first autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s. After the birth of her second child, she was then diagnosed with another autoimmune…

More about Karin

What participants are saying

“Karin has equipped me with tools, knowledge, and recipes to really help me understand how I can help improve my child’s health. I am happy to say that since embarking on this new healthy living plan, my child is thriving and has not been sick as often as before and.”


“I was looking for sound advice that was ethical but not alarmist on what my kids should be eating. I’m pleased to have received them from Karin. She gave me a huge reminder that I am 100% accountable and responsible for my children’s diet. She also changed my mindset on dealing with food refusal, which was a big aha moment! My three-year-old is starting to become quite argumentative, and I’ve started to say to him, ‘I’m sorry but I’m not arguing with you’ about his behavior. I will now be doing this with food too.”


“A must for every parent and caretaker! Our children’s health is so important to us and it is fuelled by the food we give. I definitely learned what not to give my kids, and also some really exciting and inspiring ideas on what to feed them and how to get them involved. I also love the strategies that Karin shared on handling picky eaters — they are not extreme and can be done step-by-step.”


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