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Frequently asked questions


How do I prepare for the Clean-in-15?

Embarking on the Clean-in-15 is a commitment that requires planning. All the information you need to prepare for the program will be available in your library 3 weeks prior to the official start date; make sure to review the guides at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure your pantry (and fridge) is well-stocked with Clean-in-15-compliant essentials.

Does the program help with weight loss?

Although participants have experienced some weight loss, the program is not for anyone looking for rapid, unsustainable weight loss. Instead, its purpose is to jumpstart the weight loss process by arming you with the knowledge to make better food decisions based on your needs. The chat-to-learn program structure gives you access to Riyana on WhatsApp throughout the course, allowing you to ask honest questions about your current diet, recommendations, or even reasons for those recommendations. By better understanding your body and the changes you need to see results, you will be equipped with the tools to kickstart sustainable, lasting change.

Are the recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans? Are legumes and lentils allowed?

Yes, there are many recipes and a dedicated meal plan for vegetarians. In fact, the first three days of the meal plan for everyone in this course is plant-based! Certain lentils and legumes are allowed, as well as organic non-GMO tempeh for vegetarians.

The principles behind the Clean-in-15 protocol are universal regardless of dietary preferences and restrictions. The recipes provided in the guide for vegetarians can be modified to support a vegan diet.

Do you provide specific portion sizes or simply guidance on what and what not to eat?

Portion recommendations are given; however, Riyana emphasises the importance of listening to your body and understanding your hunger and fullness cues as everyone's size, shape, and activity levels are different, resulting in different portion needs. You will be taught to understand macronutrients and how to create balanced meals that will leave you sated.

Is alcohol off-limits?

Yes, alcohol should be avoided over the 15 days as this plan also helps detox your body.

I can’t make the upcoming program. Are other dates going to be available?

Please email to be kept posted on future launch dates.