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Nutrition < 1 min read

You Deserve Good Sleep. Here’s Why.

The Beauty Chef / Staff 

You’ve got a lot on your plate lately. But did you know that what’s on your plate (we’re talking about your food choices) can stop insomnia? Know the links between sleep and gut health. To start, avoid processed foods, refined sugars, and pesticides. Introduce a diet rich in probiotics, prebiotics, and fermented foods to get you back to dreamland ASAP. Our Wellness Experts are there to support you every step of the way.

READ MORE: The Link Between Sleep and Gut Health

  • exhaustion
  • focus
  • insomnia
  • sleep
  • stress


Meet one of Nuguru’s Wellness Experts

Karin G. Reiter

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

With over 13 years of experience as a functional medicine nutritionist, Karin G. Reiter is a leading wellness expert known for her simple, practical, and ongoing solutions to improve health.  At 18, Karin was diagnosed with her first autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s. After the birth of her second

More about Karin

No guts, no glory!

Make your own fermented foods to nourish your gut naturally

Karin G. Reiter

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Meet one of Nuguru’s Wellness Experts

Riyana Rupani

Holistic Nutritionist

Riyana Rupani is a certified Holistic Nutritionist (NTP), Whole30 Coach, and recipe developer. Her foray into the world of nutrition began after she was diagnosed with fertility, adrenal, digestive, and autoimmune issues while she was working in the corporate world. Frustrated with years of doctor v

More about Riyana


Your guide to eating better and feeling great in 15 days

Riyana Rupani

Holistic Nutritionist