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Frequently asked questions

No guts, no glory!

I can't make the upcoming program, are there going to be other dates available?

Yes, every couple of weeks a new course will open up. Please just drop us a note at sharing your interest and we will notify you as soon as new dates are confirmed.

Is this program live or can I watch it in my own time?

You can watch it in your own time, videos are pre recorded and the notes will be available for download. The interaction with the group will be active during the week of the course, so if you wish to be part of the group we encourage you to watch the videos and download the recipes whilst the course is active.

Is there an option to only pick only a few of the recipes, or is it a 6-day package for all?

You will receive ALL the content once you sign-up for the course. There is no option to pick and choose which recipes to receive. What really brings the learning to life, however, is the WhatsApp chat group that you’ll be added to, where I will elaborate on the lesson for the day, engage you along with other participants, and answer questions. So even if you know some of the recipes, I am here to support you in case you would like to fine-tune them or have any questions whatsoever!

I am a vegan, can I do this course?

Yes, you can. Except for 1 recipe (milk kefir) all the recipes are vegan.

I am gluten free, can I do this course?

Yes, all the recipes are gluten free.

Are these foods suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Yes, fermented foods that are produced safely (following our guidelines) are safe to eat while pregnant or breastfeeding in small amounts (1-2 servings a day). Kombucha would be the only fermented food that might be a little controversial, although there are no large-scale studies on the effects of drinking kombucha during pregnancy, it may be best to avoid kombucha during pregnancy and breastfeeding because of its small alcohol content, caffeine content, and lack of pasteurization.

Can I give fermented foods to kids?

Yes you can. Even Kombucha.

Do fermented foods have alcohol in them?

During the fermentation processes beneficial bacteria produce lactic acid, ethanol (a form of alcohol), and carbon dioxide. Fermented fruits and beverages (water kefir and ginger beer) are likely to contain alcohol, from .5% to 2%, while low sugar/starch ferments such as sauerkraut probably do not have nearly as much. Kombucha is an open ferment and thus has less alcohol content in it, less than 0.5%.