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Frequently asked questions

Never lose your mind(fulness) again!

How much time will this program take?

This program is designed to work with your schedule. Structured as a 21-day journey to help you make mindfulness a habit, the course is built around 5 sequential, spaced-out video lessons delivered over email, which you can listen to or watch at your convenience. Each lesson is no more than 20 minutes.

Although a digital course, what enlivens the program are the interactive components. Get to know Shan-En and your coursemates in a kick-off Zoom call the first Sunday of the 21 days, and clarify questions you may have over subsequent Zoom calls held on the second and third Sunday of the course duration. You can also engage with your coursemates and Sha-En over WhatsApp after each lesson is released. Your degree of participation is determined by what you are comfortable with. The goal is to put into practice the eight strategies so they become habit.

Will this course offer any lessons in child psychology?

This course is designed to help you gain a deeper awareness of your own stress reactions. It does not deal in child psychology, instead focusing on how you can learn to cultivate emotional resilience and compassion to have healthier, stronger relationships with people in your life.

Do I have to be a parent to take this program?

No. Many of the practical examples given in this course work well for parents; however, the mindfulness techniques you will learn in this course are applicable to anyone wanting to learn how to be more present and positive, while also being effective at their many responsibilities.

I already know some mindfulness techniques. Is this course still suitable?

This course is designed to be applicable to your daily life. Theory is supplemented with practical skills, which make up the core of what you will learn. These skills are designed to be functional and easily incorporated into your everyday habits.

Does this course include a certificate?

Yes, you may request an official certificate of completion when you have successfully completed this course.